Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Get a Girl

Here is the golden rule of getting a girl :- Break the ice. Try to speak to her within the first few instances of seeing her (mostly her seeing you). Herculean as it may seem, this simple point is the most essential for success. The longer it takes for the two to know each other, the higher the chance that she will become uninterested in you, mostly thinking that you are too proud to talk to her or that you are too shy to strike the initial conversation.

Be a gentleman. A quick intro is important, but the need for a gentlemanly behaviour cannot be overruled. Also, keep your temptation to move to the next level under control.

Give an impression that things are always under control. Nobody likes an awkward behaviour.

Avoid being obsessed in the beginning. Convince yourself to carry on the relationship as such, as long as it would go. Rest assured that you'll be successful.

So, start soon and find a smooth relationship. A couple of fights is okay. It can help your relationship grow stronger. When you have carried on the relationship for a considerable period that it has grown stronger, you two would have understood much about each other and you'll find a good friend in her. But don't get caught up in the friendship concept if that's not what you wanted. Move to the next level.

It is not all that difficult as it may seem and is only a matter of approach. Play it cool. And if you follow the right strategy, you'll be successful.