Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kinds of Writing

I was too much bothered by the purpose of the different types of articles I keyed in for my blog. I stumbled upon this piece of information when I was searching for some useful material. So, I share it with you here so that it might be useful to all.
There are various types of effects a writer might wish to have on his readers. It might be to inform, to entertain or to persuade. Each of this results in a different type of prose. To inform, is the most common of all these forms and based on what it’s about, it becomes description, exposition or narration.

· Exposition, in simple is explanation. It is a style that used to explain how things work. It is constructed logically. It is organized around cause or effect, true or false, positive or negative, general or particular and assertion or denial.

Description is putting forth the author’s visual perception in a clear pattern. The general problem is to arrange what we see in a proper pattern.

Narration is used to explain a series of related events or a story. Arranging the events in a sequence of time and revealing their significance are the two the important things in narration.

· Persuasion changes the way the reader thinks or believes. It takes three forms. Argument provides evidence or logical proof and appeals to reason. Satire ridicules folly, subtly or coarsely. In the form of eloquence persuasion appeals to ideals and noble sentiments.

· Entertaining includes fiction, personal essays and sketches.