Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Simple Goal Setting Template for Download

Here's a simple template for personal goal setting. I have designed the form using MS Office Infopath. The recurring table is designed to add any number of rows as you wish. You can enter a single symbol either a tick mark or cross, in the final DONE field. It will only allow you to save each file as a form in which you can enter values. If you wish to customize the template, tweak it as you wish by opening it in design mode. Have fun!

4Shared: Goal Setting Template
Google docs: Goal Setting Template

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Masters of the Universal Subconscious

One who is a deep thinker does not believe in lifeless, dronish way of 'working and living a life'. Your life should express itself in what you do. (Ah! How true it is - what the book How To Win Friends And Influence People says about it). There lies a whole world of wisdom in that kind of a book. We kids who've done schooling are taught to be mere wrapped balls who limit themselves to the physical (or mental) drudgery that we are capable of. We're mere balls who bounce to the control of circumstances. In being a drudge, we limit ourselves to our little world, making use of just hands and feet and an erring brain. In that we forget that if only we had been a little wiser, we could use the infinite resources - money, people, time, and all that are part of the universal, to our benefit.

Lay down your tools for a moment and think clearly: who is it that reapth abundant benefits - he that slogs day and night and later fritters his humble wages because of his circumstances or he who is wise to master his cirscumstances and after a little effort employs the gained resources to work for him? In short, the master or the slave? Remember, your life should express itself. That is what gives happiness and eternal glory. We sorridly fail to acknowledge the fact that there is abundance. This failure is the cause to limitations and slavery of all kinds. He who understands it has the universal subconscious at his command.