Monday, May 25, 2009

In the pole

If not outside so optimistic I would begin to think that this interminable tunnel does not take nowhere, or at least not to the surface. No longer I know how long we took giving returned and more returning, but than yes I am safe is that we have not stopped descending. The temperature, consequently, has been increasing and the heat has become unbearable. It would say who it, heat in the Antarctic! In order to fight we must it clear the clothes to us, but soon we will not have left nothing than to undress to us. With these naked beards and we will need the stick to seem troglodytic. But about what I will be thinking? Right now it would have to be jumping and dancing of joy, and is that, against all prognosis, today we have conquered the South Pole! I do not joke nor I am being delirious for want of oxygen. It has been a conquest under earth, clearly, which does not reduce any merit to him, although I must recognize that we have had much luck of which the grotto passed through the latitude 90ยบ S.A. right less now I can die knowing that I have fulfilled my intention, but, I prefer to follow alive; still I have seventy and five years and one life ahead. In addition I must inform to him to the world into our feat, what would be the glory without recognition?
This is the experience of one of my close friends who encountered the harshest of environment and some of the most trying times of his life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Environmental protection

Environmental protection and management should attract a lot of attention these days. There must be desirable development in the face of alarming rate of natural resource degradation which greatly hampers their optimal utilisation. There must be special attention given to such environmental issues in rural areas where people have low awareness. When waste water emanating from municipal sewage, industrial effluent, agricultural and land runoffs find their way either to ground water reservoirs or other surface water sources, the quality of water gets affected and makes it unfit for use. The natural balance is disturbed when concentrated discharges of waste water is not controlled. This is because the cleansing forces of nature cannot do their job in proportion to the production of filthy matter. There must be special boards formed in every town in all nations to ensure that such effects to our surroundings are not caused.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is youth extinct?

Youth is stifled because the rat-race continues.. many parents seeking only such schools which would put their children in the list of rank holders and top scorers in examinations; pushing them into a variety of supplimentry courses which give them little time to blink from their books, leave alone “to stand and stare” in their leisure; focussing their own obsessions on them and deciding a future by the measuring yardstick of the Toms Dicks and Harrys of society or the economic returns of courses with an impact on social prestige.

Fourteen years of this fruelling life from the age of three onwards! Fourteen years of tunnelling with blinders to avoid “distractions” from the harsh goals of studentship! Fourteen years of the printed matter absorbed and soaked into the brain to be poured out again onto answer papers, cover-to-cover, letter-to-letter. And when the fourteen years are over, he stands before you, a seventeen year old, ready to step into the next tunnel of academics called “Higher Studies”, a tunnel that is in no way different from the earlier one in quality or kind. So another three, five, seven or sometimes even more years before he actually begins to live.. an adult! Not having known what it was to be a youth!

Youth is not just the inevitable count of years. It is more an attitude than a period of time. Youth is said to be exuberant, full of spirit of adventure. Youth is alive to emotions and makes no distinction between people and positions. Youth is sensitive to suffering, responsive to reasoning and fine – tuned to trust and tolerance. Youth is always sharing, ever caring, seldom unforgiving and never vindictive. Youth gives fair credit to merit and is ignorant of partiality. Above all, youth believes in giving a helping hand to the downtrodden even when he himself tries to climb the ladder of success.