Monday, May 25, 2009

In the pole

If not outside so optimistic I would begin to think that this interminable tunnel does not take nowhere, or at least not to the surface. No longer I know how long we took giving returned and more returning, but than yes I am safe is that we have not stopped descending. The temperature, consequently, has been increasing and the heat has become unbearable. It would say who it, heat in the Antarctic! In order to fight we must it clear the clothes to us, but soon we will not have left nothing than to undress to us. With these naked beards and we will need the stick to seem troglodytic. But about what I will be thinking? Right now it would have to be jumping and dancing of joy, and is that, against all prognosis, today we have conquered the South Pole! I do not joke nor I am being delirious for want of oxygen. It has been a conquest under earth, clearly, which does not reduce any merit to him, although I must recognize that we have had much luck of which the grotto passed through the latitude 90ยบ S.A. right less now I can die knowing that I have fulfilled my intention, but, I prefer to follow alive; still I have seventy and five years and one life ahead. In addition I must inform to him to the world into our feat, what would be the glory without recognition?
This is the experience of one of my close friends who encountered the harshest of environment and some of the most trying times of his life.