Monday, November 1, 2010

Who is a successful man?

Who is a successful man? Most of us grew up imagining a life very much like that of the heroes in movies (in that, I very much detest the delusion that television or movies bring about, especially in the life of children). For, its all too dramatised what is shown in movies and rarely is a person's life like that in the movies. Biographic movies even for that matter, are no exception. It is only pure information (truth) that could show the right path to a person rather than commercial stuff, which is blantantly inculcated on everyone's life. Commercialism is having a terrible effect on the life of a child and in turn leaves him in a poor situation where he is blinded to realities of life. It is only a bit later in his life that he begins to realise the way things are. In this reference, there is much that a parent can do to direct a child to understand the ways of life rather than let them be deceived by this of the society. Anyways offtopic. Coming to the discussoin at hand, who is a successful person ? One who has superior eduction? One who was born with a silver spoon? No. None of these. He who clearly understands what he wants and works towards it, no matter how big it is is going to be happy and hence successful in the end.

One must have a goal. A realistic,
big goal. A small dream is a big crime. The one who knows that no thing that looks big is any big at all to his capabilities, is a step ahead of the rest. The rule of success is pretty simple. All those who see the big time nature of a big dream are not qualified for the very thing and this filters out a huge mass.This is the reason why there is only a small percentage of successful people around. He who dreams believes its not big for him, and in that he maketh the first step.

The next quality that I feel important is to stick to that goal that one feels is his purpose. Many a people would readily say that these are trying times, the field I am in is not progressing anymore, and would have tales to tell about their woes. True, no one is spared of trying times. Difficulties and obstacles are present all the way down, but a sheer thought that we are taking steps towards that thing we love should keep us going. You cannot see how you can achieve big things without making an attempt. That's another factor that perplexes another huge mass of people who'll stay back and do nothing - 'cause they don't know how it is ever possible. No one ever saw the other side of the sea without starting to sail on the ship. So grab the oars and set sailing. A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.

What makes us trifle with our own life is to keep hopping for small success every time? This might indeed take you towards a better position but you are, in effect, wasting your immense capabilities on stuff which are not really that big. These are a result of mere wishes or fancies and once we get it we want it no more. Thats why you shouldn't settle for anything small. So, its in finding a purpose which is big enough (big enough that people will laugh at you when you told 'em) and training yourself to see the big picture. Yes, the abililty to see the big picture makes a man even more eccentric compared to his peers but equips him with the necessary knowledge in his industry.

See.. one man wishes he could get a beautiful girl. And then he looks at another girl and goes for her and then the other and so on.. This man is a pleasure seeker and will not settle for one girl. Lets take a look at the other guy who has fallen in love with a girl and would do anything for her. He is obsessed with her thoughts and feels she is the one for him. If this were to be the case, you'd choose the one you really love won't you? (the big goal I mean). This idea is clearly explained in the book "Thought Vibration" by William Walker Atkinson. More than anything, the idea of One Love gives you the power to direct your thoughts towards that one thing. So, singleness of purpose combined with a love for the thing which you seek can make you powerful and successful.

Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one's aim. - John D. Rockefeller

There is one another important thing which I’d like to tell you. There is no such thing as love at first sight. At least, it is not real love unless it grows into real love. Everything starts small. Lets say, you feel you want to build your muscles and hit the gym. But you might not have the perseverance enough to get muscles like the heroes or whatever and hence you fail to see the reality. The reality is that you need to have patiently worked, regularly every day, for years to have finally grown enormous muscles. So don’t jump to a conclusion that you love a girl or anything of the sort (at least give your experiment a different name), until it has stood the test of time. Start small. Do it little by little. And in doing it a little at a time, you are able to take it forward over and over until one day it has become your second habit. You have fallen in love.