Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Magic Story

I once happened to stumble upon a website on self–development and kind of stuff, with a lot of books listed for that purpose. They all appeared too very elaborate for a person like me to go and take a look at. But then, I was specifically attracted by a book called 'The Magic Story', that I settled down to read it at once. It seemed to me to be a bit of what I call ‘different’ from the usual self–improvement books claim themselves to be. It is a book for the desperate person who struggles to face the realities of life – in short for everyone. The message has been put forth strikingly for the common man. More should be attributed to the way in which the message has been put forth – frankly, naïve. The content is nothing more than fifteen pages and is split in two, with a part about how the book changed a man’s life overnight. All that is known of its origin is that it was written in the seventeenth century. And the author is of course, unknown.