Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Space Elevator!

A space elevator, which can be used to transport materials from earth to the space, is being planned to be built by the Japan Space Elevator Association. The project is estimated to cost around $9 billion and is seen as a good alternative to space launch used nowadays. It will save cost and energy significantly.

The elevator will work based on the technology used in Bullet trains. Strong nanotubes made of carbon, tethered to the Earth’s surface will reach a satellite docking station that will be in orbit above the Earth. The centrifugal forces of the Earth’s spin will keep the cables taut. This space elevator, doubtlessly, will be a world wonder which will take the place of the tallest structure ever built. It is expected to be 180,720 times taller than the CN Tower in Canada, which is 533 meters tall. It will stand one fourth the distance to the moon, in height.