Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From Splog to Blog

For many months I had been writing things which really wouldn't reflect my opinions. I was writing spam blogs and one day I realized why I would spend so much of my time and effort to develop content (for that matter any product/service) which is bogus. I finally decided I should pen down original thoughts rather than writing spam stuff.

There is so much in a man's mind which when left untold could be of use only to him. So, for a person who is a lover of silence (patience & peace), there needs to be a suitable medium to express his thoughts. So I chose this blog. I'm using this blog as a journal to express my thoughts. Your thoughts ..Who cares? Truly - I write just because I wanted a medium to express the tons of thoughts that cross my mind every day and this is a blog of my own. I'd even go to the extent of saying its for my own use. If you have come across looking for some content that would be in the way you wished it would be, this is not the right place. I guess I should soon have an 'about' page and put up this information there.