Thursday, September 30, 2010

Solitude and The Art of Managing Your Thoughts

I often sit in silence and think of what all beautiful things one could achieve. Wonderful silence and solitude. I have read this somewhere about loneliness :

The worst thing in life is attachment
It hurts when you loose it.
The best thing in life is loneliness
Because it teaches you everything

I don't much understand what the author says when he mentions attachment. But yes, loneliness teaches you everything. To be in solitude a few hours is a wonderful feeling (but too much loneliness could break you). That is when you can clearly feel your inner voice. I have also read in a book that even great business people often take time to be alone. This helps to replenish their thoughts and get fresh ideas. There are no limits to what one can perceive and what one can achieve. And when you listen to what your heart says you're on the right way.

It is always a good thing to pen down whatever thoughts you get from time to time and that too very accurately. One gets a lot of thoughts everyday. Some are related to one's personal life, some related to one's profession and more: people even get a billion dollar idea some day, purely by chance. How rewarding it would be to write down what you feel. Things like what you should aim for or how you could bring about a change in your life. As you keep concentrating on those things your mind sends a sudden impulse and the next moment you have a wonderful idea. Eureka! What seemed impossible just a few moments before the idea struck, is now easy as anything.

What is it that you get by writing down thoughts from time to time? Trying to find some means to write and keeping every piece of information well organized for future reference, may all seem a bit tedious. But these are activities which are going to pay off in the long run. One thing you can be sure to change by this approach is: Attitude. That's a one word answer for one of worlds most famous questions: "What is the secret of success?" What other one thing could best help you achieve big? With a change in attitude, you change your approach towards life. Your plane of thoughts change. You win people - and the people around you play a big role in making you a successful person.