Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do UFO’s exist?

The credibility of UFO’s and extra terrestrial life forms has always been under question and there is no proper evidence for their existence. However, there are a group a people who indeed believe in the possibility of their existence. The reason for their belief can be understood from their arguments.
• Many planets have been found revolving around stars outside the Solar System.
• Alien technology could be far in advance of our own, allowing more effective space travel.
• Einstein’s theory is accepted for now. But it may be wrong. More advanced theories could be discovered in the future that allow faster than light travel.
• There are thousands of UFO photos in the world that claim to show alien spacecrafts. And many more eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings.
• Many UFO could be military craft or man-made objects. But witnesses include air force pilots who are trained in aerial detection.
• Extra evidence has been found by witnesses in the area around UFO sightings, including debris from crashes and burn marks on the ground from landings.