Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Know about F1

The Formula One race is usually preceded by a warm-up lap, and then the cars are made ready to go, in the order they qualified. If a driver stops before the parade lap and all the other cars pass him, then he must start once again. However, if he controls himself and drives off, with at least one car behind his car, then he is allowed to take his position. The driver also has the option to start from the pit-area, if there is any problem with his machine in the last minute. However, the trouble here is that he has to allow all the other cars to pass by him before he can start.
The distance of race is usually the minimum number of laps that serve to cross three hundred and five kilometers. The driver can any number of pit stops during the race for refueling or to do other corrections. The tyres are supplied by Bridgestone, the official tyre manufacturer for Formula One. On completing a successful lap, the driver is required to ward off three blue flags waved on the way. Failing this will invite a penalty from the organizers.