Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi-tech and Hybrid cars

This 1983 Bentley was modified for the rich class. It was actually the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo which was transformed, including parts from nine different cars. The roof was lowered a bit, with the front and rear lights were from a Range Rover. The 328 hp turbocharged engine is alone left unchanged.

The new Knight XV, the new assault vehicle is a eye catcher. It comes with 6 way seating, sunroof glass with privacy shade and laptop station, Alpine DVD navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. This stunning machine is priced at $295,000.

This Chrysler is a hybrid that is capable of traveling a distance of 40 mile on pure battery power. A gasoline engine and electric generator is used to extend the driving range to around four hundred miles.

The Dodge Circuit EV is an improvement over its predecessor, a Dodge electric car. This reworked car is looks attractive than the previous one. It is capable of a quick 0-60 time of less than six minutes. It can span a driving distance of 150 to 200 miles with its charged battery.