Sunday, February 15, 2009

For a good presentation

Presentation is also a form of communication of your ideas and thoughts to others.
The first important thing that you will have to consider to make a good presentation is to understand the audience your audience to whom you are going to make the presentation.
Keep your presentation very simple, to the point and concise, if your audience is general public and common masses.
If your audience is full of technical people, word your presentation accordingly by using technically sound but simple language.
Be clear in your opening statement. Always make eye contact with the audience. Reflect confidence in speech and posture. Plan well and implement with the use of visual aids.
Prepare and rehearse well before you appear for an interview. Your knowledge, communicating ability and presentation skills matter a lot for success in interviews.
Your resume, cover letter, dress and perseverance qualities play a significant role in interviews.
A little thought about the way you carry out an interview and development of some skills can transform your interviews from problems into opportunities.
Interviewers should also prepare well for interviewing, asking questions, listening to answers and closing the interview.