Sunday, February 8, 2009


Before we begin to do some vigorous exercise we stretch our arms and legs to get some initial comfort. Stretching is recommended as part of warm-ups by most trainers. However, there have been some researches in recent years that claim that it’s a bad idea. It is found that stretching before training decreases the power and output. It does not relieve the muscles or help in hard training, they warn.

The effects of stretching lasting from 10 to 60 seconds on performance have been studied as early as the Greek researches itself. It is found out that stretching for 30 seconds decreases isometric strength by nine percent and stretching for 60 seconds reduces power by 16 percent. It is also observed stretching for 30 seconds or more has similar effects on decreasing muscle power.
It is therefore advised that static stretching be avoided before exercises that require maximum strength and power. Even scientists say that stretching a cold muscle may invite injury.